i just want a boy who touches me distractedly

like sitting watching a movie and he just kinds of drags his fingers over your skin while watching and he doesn’t have a motive he’s not trying to tickle you or be sexual with you he’s just touching your skin and feeling the shape of your bones under that skin like it’s physically comforting for him to know that you’re there right under his fingertips

oh fuck i didnt know girls liked when i did this




"You’re going to have sex, get pregnant and be ruined for the rest of your life."



jonsnowismine Asked: Dear Future me/Dear person I like

Dear Future me : Waaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaap? Do boys still use you as their wingwoman ? Are you famous ? Are you in a movie ? Have you seen Bastille in concert? Have you met the other mother__ Is she nice? Do you have any younger siblings (half siblings) Whats your boyf like? Is he tall and lanky with blonde hair ? Does he make you laugh Whatever your life is like , enjoy it or die Lots of love Aoife :).

Dear Person I like Ur hot Im not lysm bye






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Dear person I hate,

Dear person I like,

Dear ex boyfriend,

Dear ex girlfriend,

Dear ex bestfriend,

Dear bestfriend,

Dear Santa,

Dear mom,

Dear dad,

Dear future me,

Dear past me,

Dear person I’m jealous of,

Dear person I had a crush on,

Dear girlfriend,

Dear boyfriend,

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I am lame and REALLY REALLY bored… please? :3